My name is baoyifan, and you can call me xiao bao. I’m 18 now. Although I am an introvert, I love to make new friends and challenge myself. I have a lot of hobbies, like basketball, but in my spare time, I like cycling the most because it can give me a sense of satisfaction. I enjoy the feeling of sports. At school, my best subjects are history and biology I always tried to find different solutions . in the future, I want to get involved in business because they are related to my favorite subjects, and I want to explore more in these fields. Maybe, someday I can become a scussesful businessman

1、What is your strength and weakne

My advantage is that I have a clear idea of I want to Pursue in life,and I am willing to take an effort to achieve my goal.

For example, I always know that I want to study in Hong Kong because Hong Kong has the world class education and great job opportunities, so I did my own research of what schools  and programs suit me the best and take action to apply for them.

I am also willing to accept new things and dare to explore ,and like  to express my own views and listen to others opinions .

my weakness is that sometimes I am too much in a hurry to finish a task and do not spend enough time to get ready. To overcome this problem, now I try to slow down and take my time to do the research before I get started, which allows me to get well prepared and eventually to finish the task in a much more efficient way.

2、Anything you want to improve?

When facing pressure, I want to improve my attitude. Sometimes, when pressure arises, I become very anxious, which makes me unable to fully utilize my abilities. I know this is something I need to adjust because staying calm and focused is essential for handling stress.

For example, during school exams, I often feel overly nervous and anxious. This not only affects my performance but also makes it difficult for me to concentrate, leading to unsatisfactory results. However, through continuous self-reflection and practice, I have gradually learned how to better face these difficulties and challenges.

First, I try to view exams with a positive attitude rather than seeing them as threats. I tell myself that exams are opportunities to show my learning achievements, not the only measure of my worth. Secondly, I have learned to practice deep breathing and meditation, which can effectively reduce feelings of tension. Finally, I try to make a reasonable study plan to ensure that I have enough time to review, so I don’t feel as much pressure before the exams.

Through these methods, I find myself becoming more composed when facing pressure, which also helps me achieve better grades in exams. I believe that as long as I continue to maintain this attitude, I will be able to perform better in future challenges.

3、How is your school life in high school

My high school life is busy and happy. Academic wise, it was very intense. There were tons of homework to do, from all subjects. everyone was very busy studying, and no one  could get enough sleep. It was very common that we stayed up late to almost midnight in order to finish the homework. We had exams every month, which stressed me out and pushed me to keep myself busy with study.

Meanwhile, my high school life was also very happy. I have build strong friendships with many of my classmates through arguing academic questions and doing sports. My school is a boarding school, and we had a lot of fun in the dormitory in our spare time. For example, we spent  a lot of time discussing the sport games and basketball stars at bed time.

Overall, I will say I had a pretty good time in my high school .

4What is your favorite subject and why

My favorite subjects are history, biology and geography, because these three subjects are highly comprehensive and involve a wide range of knowledge, which is conducive to broadening people’s horizon. Moreover, the study of these three subjects is accompanied by communication and discussion with classmates, which I think can improve my expression ability. I can improve my social skills and critical thinking, which is conducive to the mutual progress of learning and the development of interpersonal relationship

5What will you do in your leisure time?

In my spare time, I like to read books related to my major and keep up with the latest industry trends. This helps me stay informed about new developments and enhances my knowledge in my field. I find it both interesting and beneficial for my future career.

Apart from reading, I enjoy participating in various sports. Cycling, swimming, badminton, and running are some of my favorites. Engaging in these activities not only keeps me healthy but also provides a great way to relax and unwind from the intense demands of my studies and daily life. Physical exercise is essential for maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and it helps me manage stress effectively.

Moreover, I also like to spend time with my friends and family during my leisure time. Socializing with them allows me to build stronger relationships and share enjoyable moments. We often go out for meals, watch movies, or simply chat about our lives. These interactions are important for my emotional well-being and offer a sense of support and connection.

Additionally, I sometimes indulge in creative hobbies like drawing and playing musical instruments. These activities allow me to express myself and explore my creative side, providing a refreshing break from my academic pursuits.

Overall, my leisure time is a mix of intellectual pursuits, physical activities, social interactions, and creative hobbies. This balanced approach helps me stay motivated, healthy, and happy, ensuring that I can return to my studies with renewed energy and focus.

6How do you manage your tme?

I prefer to plan my time in advance. Planning improves the efficiency of both study and life and helps me avoid being late. By scheduling my tasks and activities, I can allocate enough time for each, reducing stress and keeping me organized.

I use a planner or a digital calendar to jot down important dates, deadlines, and daily tasks. This helps me keep track of everything and ensures that I don’t miss anything important. Having a clear plan allows me to prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance, managing my workload more efficiently.

Being punctual and adhering to schedules shows respect for others. When I arrive on time for meetings, classes, or appointments, it indicates that I value other people’s time as much as my own. This habit builds trust and reliability, helping to form better interpersonal relationships.

Planning ahead also allows me to set aside time for relaxation and leisure activities. Balancing work and relaxation is crucial for maintaining overall well-being. By planning wisely, I ensure moments to unwind and recharge, keeping me motivated and productive.

Overall, managing my time through careful planning enhances my productivity, respect for others, and balance in life. This approach contributes to better relationships and a more fulfilling life.

7Why you want to study in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong offers the world class education. The universities adapts the western education system , which can better prepare me to be a world citizen.

My dream is to follow my father’s steps inheriting our family business. HKCC’s business school is world famous. The Associate Program in Business provided by HKCC would get me into formal business education to fulfill my dream. That’s another reason why I choose to study in Hong Kong.

Also, Hong Kong is the international financial centre. It connects mainland to the western markets. Hong Kong therefore provides a lot of business opportunities, both for the big firms and small companies. Since I want to become an entrepreneur one day, I think it’s the best place for me to study, to do internships and to accumulate experience.

8Which skill and reason wll leвd you to succe

I think persistence and hard work are very important to success. After making up my mind, I will keep my firm confidence, because I think only those who work hard and dare to persist can achieve the ultimate success. No matter what the ideal is, only through persistence and hard work can success be achieved. So I think persistence and hard work can lead me to success

9、What career goal do you have?

My ideal career is to enter the financial field, especially in banks, investment companies, and other financial institutions. I have a strong interest in the financial market and hope to contribute to this dynamic industry.

I aim to start by gaining a solid foundation in finance through internships and entry-level positions. These experiences will provide me with practical knowledge and insights into the workings of financial institutions. By working closely with experienced professionals, I can learn the best practices and develop the skills needed to succeed in this field.

In the long term, I aspire to become a financial analyst or investment advisor. These roles require a deep understanding of market trends, financial instruments, and risk management, areas that I am particularly passionate about. By analyzing market data and providing investment advice, I hope to help clients make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.

Continuous learning is essential in the financial industry, and I plan to pursue relevant certifications and advanced degrees to enhance my expertise. Staying updated with the latest market developments and regulatory changes is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.

Ultimately, my career goal is to make a meaningful impact in the financial sector, helping individuals and organizations achieve financial stability and growth. Through dedication, continuous learning, and practical experience, I believe I can achieve this goal and contribute positively to the industry.

10How do you think yourself will be in 5 to 10 years?

In 5 to 10 years, I will first finish the Associate Program in Business provided by HKCC and further pursue my education in Poly U to get more formal knowledge of the principle of business.

After that, I will try to find a business related job in Hong  Kong. In this vibrant international city, I want to take my interpersonal skill to another level to help myself better prepared adapting to different social circles, which is both a challenge and opportunity for me.

Along the way, I want to meet people to build-up my network.  This network will help me find my mentor and future business partners.

Eventually, in 10 years, I hope that I will have the professional knowledge, the interpersonal skills and network to help our family business to grow.

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